17 Irresistible Closet Designs With Mirror Doors

In every home the closets are an essential piece of furniture. Depending on the area of rooms they can be built according to all the needs and wishes, to be up to the ceiling, or slightly lower, but what makes them special, in fact, are closets with mirrors, which will visually enlarge the space each irrespective of the quadrature.

Modern wardrobe or closet with mirrors, creates the illusion of more space, but also reflected the sunlight and creates a sense of depth in the room. Dresser with mirror on the doors, is ideal for small and dark interiors. Other advantages that should not be forgotten, are the sense of dynamism and majesty. Incorporating wardrobe with mirror doors, creates indisputable clean modern look. The secret is that the doors are not limited to heavy metal frame. Closets with mirror, in the bedroom will create a feeling of spaciousness and calm atmosphere. This is especially important for small rooms. Wardrobes with mirrors can be especially important in small rooms, as this will provide a modern and visually look bigger rooms. If you set floral wallpaper in a room on the walls, the result in combination with wardrobe with mirror is an elegant and charming.


Image via Robert Canfield Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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