17 Genius Ideas For Extra Storage In The Bathroom

The real challenge is to make well-organized space in the small bathroom, because in addition to furniture and sanitary facilities, there is a myriad of little things that require their own space for storage. Storage space in the bathroom is necessary, and you can save space and money by recycling existing objects in your home. There are a lot of great ideas for the recycling of wooden boxes, glass jars, wicker basket and plastic containers that you can use фор стораге in a small space.

One small bathroom to be attractive and functional, the main key is good organization. In the small bathrooms is not easy to put all the little things for personal care and cosmetics, but with a little creativity it will be worth it! Along the top edge of the bathroom door or directly on the wall you can place decorative plate with hooks that can be routed to postpone clothes, towels or small items while getting ready for work in the morning or at night to sleep. Browse in our collection, and you will find a lot more inspirational ideas that you can use to make extra storage in your bathroom!

17 Genius Ideas For Extra Storage In The Bathroom

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