17 Amazing Contemporary Bathroom Designs

The bathroom is a place we don’t spend too much time in, but we are in it frequently for various reasons. It is important that the bathroom is designed so that whoever is in it feels comfortable.
In today’s collection of  17 amazing contemporary bathroom designs we will show you a variety of bathroom designs which all fit in a same category, and in this case, they all fit in the contemporary interior design category.
The unique characteristics of the contemporary bathroom designs are really easy to spot. Just look for sharp edges, glass walls, glass shower doors, straight lines and rain showers which give it an extra look and feel.
In fact, the fresh design of the contemporary bathroom design is at the heart of any contemporary new home, and they leave an impression and a clue of how well you take care of your house to any guest that sees your bathroom.

Golden Valley Mid Century Remodel

Contemporary Black

96 Golden Beach

Contemporary Bathroom

Snowdays Residence

Yorba Linda Residence

Bathroom Basement

Master Bathroom Renovation

Personal Spa Bath

Rain Shower

Locust Street Bath

Luxury Bathroom

Horse Ranch

Brentwood – Sullivan Canyon

Rain Shower


Ski Slope


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