16 Unbelievable Modern Swimming Pool Designs You’ll Drool Over

Summer is the time of year when most of us wish we had a private swimming pool in our backyards. Even if it just a teeny tiny one, it would do us well in the summer heat. But if you really want to have your own, modern swimming pool when the summer heatwaves hit, now is the right time to start planning that. Of course, a beautiful modern swimming pool is more than just a concrete hole full of water. Its design can really make or break your outdoor spaces so any good ideas will do you well.

Welcome to this new compilation of outdoor designs in which we’ve featured 16 Unbelievable Modern Swimming Pool Designs You’ll Drool Over. Take a few moments to explore these spectacular designs and you’re going to discover plenty of ideas that will show you why the modern swimming pool is a truly unique and luxurious addition. And as always, make sure to explore the areas around the swimming pool in our showcase of the modern style brining you designs of the porch,Β deck,Β patio, landscape and terrace. Enjoy!

1. Ladue Modern Home

2. Inverse House

3. Westhampton

4. 2816 NE 23 STREET Fort Lauderdale Florida

5. Modern Swimming Pool

6. La Villa Heuguera

7. Bunker House

8. Terraced House

9. Grand View Oak Residence

10. Modern Swimming Pool

11. Ashburton Residence

12. Kew Residence

13. Modern Pool with a view

14. Luxe Coastal Vibe at the Grove

15. Luxury Modern Pool

16. Villa Juliet, Ciovo, Trogir


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