15 Charming Modern Porch Designs Perfect For Any Weather

Now that spring is finally here, everyone’s thinking about spending more time outside. Well, people thought the same 50 years ago too which is about the time when the porch received the most attention from new homeowners. But you have to remember, there was no air conditioning back then so even if they didn’t want to spend so much time outside, staying inside was not as comfortable of a choice with the onset of the summer heat. We don’t have that problem nowadays, but that doesn’t necessarily make the modern porch irrelevant. Outdoor areas will always have something more to offer.

The modern porch is not just an escape from the summer heat in the indoor parts of the home. It is a comfortable and accessible outdoor space that can be used throughout the day for activities such as lounging, dining or even doing work. This new compilation of modern designs is going to show you 15 Charming Modern Porch Designs Perfect For Any Weather. Check them out to find many amazing ideas that could make their way into your home and don’t forget to explore the rest of our ongoing modern home showcase. Enjoy!

1. Glass Modern

2. Screened Porch with Fireplace

3. Silver Falls

4. Modern Porch Design

5. Casa San Lazzaro C+T

6. Screened Porch

7. Lotus Lake House

8. Modern Porch

9. Modest Modern Spring Branch House

10. Cove House

11. LG House

12. Modern Porch

13. Porch Deck

14. The Street Brundall

15. Gooch Thornbury


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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