16 Spectacular Industrial Living Room Interior Designs

The industrial living room interior design is noticeably different from the rest and is quite easy to notice. Among the features that will give it away is the use of steel pipes which might have been formerly useful but now they’ve been transformed into a design element. Besides the pipes, the industrial interior design is going to feature a lot of other metal accents as well as bare concrete or brick walls.
The distinct design elements of this style come from the operational history of the building that this style has been applied to. Pretty much every time the industrial design is used for residential purposes its main objective is to transform a building that was used for commercial or industrial purposes into a fully operational home that won’t miss out a single feature. This is what makes the industrial home decor style a very authentic style.

Welcome to another collection from our most recent showcase of the industrial home design style. In this collection, we are going to present you 16 Spectacular Industrial Living Room Interior Designs. With these designs we want to give you a lot of material to get inspirational and motivational ideas from as well as understand the industrial design and its unique features which we have also featured in our other collections of the industrial design that brought you designs of the industrial kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Enjoy!

Sheung Wan Bachelor Pad

A Tribeca Loft

Atlanta – Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts

Cambie St. Loft

2000 Little Raven #202

Kalamazoo Mall Condo Corner Nook


Rock the Loft

Loft Embraces the Urban Revival of Downtown Los Angeles

Casa di Campagna

Bermondsey Warehouse Loft

Kentish Town 1

Downtown Penthouse – Omaha, NE

Industrial Living Room

SHFT Design Loft

Central Denver Loft


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