16 Extraordinary Industrial Kitchen Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

The industrial home design style is definitely not one of the most popular styles nowadays but you can be sure that it is an amazing design. To prove that to you, we are going to start working on a new showcase in which we will focus on covering the entire industrial home.
To start off, we are going to show you some designs of industrial kitchens. 
The industrial interior design style is a cool style to choose from when renovating or constructing a new kitchen. The best part about this style is that is is very open to custom additions which will allow you to express your creativity along with the main characteristics of this style. Some of these are very easy to spot in the designs featured below. We are talking about brick walls, pipes across the rooms, bare wood beams, wall-mounted rails, lots of metal and concrete as well as retro appliances. These things look great in combination with modern cabinets which give your kitchen an eclectic look.

Welcome to our latest collection of interior designs in which we have featured 16 Extraordinary Industrial Kitchen Designs You’ll Fall In Love With. With this collection we are starting a new showcase in which we will try to cover as many areas as possible from the industrial home. Enjoy!

Surry Hills Warehouse


Truckee Retreat

Sunset Villa – Bandung

Queen & Broadview condo




Industrial Kitchen


Bell Renovation

The Soho

Downtown Penthouse – Omaha, NE

SHFT Design Loft

Industrial Kitchen Interior

Vast Cooking Space

Tidy Kitchen In The Industrial Design

2100 16th Street Unit 408


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