16 Magical DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas That Will Personalize Your Christmas Gifts

Have you already done the shopping for Christmas gifts? Did you manage to pick out the perfect gift for everyone or are you still struggling? Maybe you could make the best Christmas gift by yourself, but while you’re at it, you should also wrap it in a way that would be fitting for the person you are giving it to. You could do that easily after exploring the DIY gift wrapping ideas that we’ve compiled for you below. They are full of awesome ideas that you really shouldn’t miss out on!

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’ve managed to find the followingΒ 16 Magical DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas That Will Personalize Your Christmas Gifts. Take a few moments of your time to find an awesome way to surprise someone with a Christmas gift wrapped in a creative fashion. Nobody will be expecting a package as awesome as the gift itself so why not be the one that gives one? All you need to do is follow a few very simple tutorials and you’ll know everything there is to it. Enjoy!

1. DIY Gift Wrapping with glitter

2. Boxwood and Burlap

3. Pine Gift Wrap


4. Fairy Scene Gift Wrap


5. DIY Christmas Wreath Label

6. Rudolph Gift Wrap

7. DIY Stamp Wrapping Paper

8. DIY Paper Straw Star Gift Toppers

9. Black Tree Garland and Stamped Wrapping Paper


10. Christmas Light Wrapping Paper

11. Car and Tree

12. Stamped Tissue Paper

13. sleek silver and gold DIY gift wrapping ideas


14. Boughs of Holly

15. Star Garland Gift Wrap DIY

16. Christmas Tree Gift Toppers



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