16 Awesome DIY Ideas You Can Craft With Shoe Boxes

If you love crafting your own cheap and easy DIY ideas that can be used in various ways around your home then you should stop throwing away all of those cardboard shoe boxes. Or maybe you’ve got heaps of them in some unlucky corner of your home?
Either way, we are going to show you plenty of ways that you can turn them into some of the best DIY ideas that you’ve ever done. They are not only cheap and easy to work with, but they are also quite versatile. You can make all kinds of stuff ranging from desk organizers to creative wall art.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’ve featured 16 Awesome DIY Ideas You Can Craft With Shoe Boxes. Take a look at this brand new collection and explore these extremely creative ideas that you can easily and quickly do by yourself. You will learn how to make awesome crafts without emptying out your wallet, well, besides buying shoes for the boxes.
All you need to do is pick out a few of these ideas that you want to do over the weekend and follow the instructions. Enjoy!

1. Map Covered Picture Frame

2. Shoe Boxes As Drawer Dividers

3. Storage Containers

4. DIY Earring Organizer

5. Shoe Box Wall Decor

6. 10 Minute Marker Caddy

7. DIY Make Up Storage

8. Boxy Shelves

9. DIY Charging Station

10. Kid Sized Foosball Table

11. Recycled Shoe Box

12. Decoupage Map Covered Storage Boxes

13. Modified Shoe Box

14. Simple Organizer

15. Cords And Cables Organizer

16. Pretty Organization Box


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