16 Stunning DIY Rustic Wall Art Projects Your Home Decor Needs

The rustic farmhouse look has become increasingly popular lately there’s no wonder you see examples of it in every store, but all of it is fake. That worn-off, faux repurposed wood look looks so fake, it doesn’t even fit in a rustic home. There’s only one way to get that handmade look and feel of the rustic farmhouse decor and that is by making it all by yourself using repurposed materials and we are glad to be able to show you how to do all of that.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’ve featuredΒ 16 Stunning DIY Rustic Wall Art Projects Your Home Decor Needs. Take a look at them below and you will immediately fall in love with these designs, but don’t worry! You can have them in your home as soon as tomorrow if you only bother to craft them. All you need is a couple of clicks to take you to the tutorials where you will receive free step by step instructions. Enjoy!

1. Herringbone Pattern Wall Art

2. Cross Stitch Heart In Wood

3. Rustic String Yarn Wall Art

4. Pottery Barn Inspired Cut Out Wood Star Art – DIY Rustic Wall Art

5. Framed Flower Decor Made From Pine Cones

6. Rustic DIY Wreath

7. Geometric Heart DIY Wall Art

8. Letters From Reclaimed Lumber

9. Driftwood Fish

10. Braided Mirror DIY

11. Turn Logs Into Affordable Wall Art

12. DIY Rustic Barn Wood Corner Gallery Wall

13. Wooden Mosaic Wall Art DIY

14. Fabric Quote Banner

15. Rustic Arrow Wall Art

16. DIY Jute Rope Love Sign


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