15 Simple DIY Crafts That You Can Make Using Bricks

Bricks are materials that are usually used to actually build stuff like houses, walls and what not, but did you know that they also make a great crafting material, especially for beginners. There are many crafts that you can add to your home decor just by painting over a brick, while others might require you to make a few holes in them. But that’s about it, it’s just that simple. Of course, not all projects are so quick and easy to complete, but the point is that there are so many DIY crafts that you can make using bricks.

To cut things short, we invite you to explore the following photos that will demonstrate some of the most simple DIY crafts that can be created using bricks but also some of the larger and more complicated things that you can do. But don’t let that worry you because we’ve got you covered with step by step instructions. Even if you do not have much experience in crafting, you can just follow along the tutorials and should have no issues at all. Enjoy!

1. Craft A Tea-Light Holder

2. Doorstop

3. Concrete Brick β€œBook” Bookends DIY

4. Recycled Brick Fairy Cottage

5. Easy Brick Succulent Planters


6. Simple Backyard Bench


7. DIY Brick Wall

8. Build A Brick Pathway In The Garden

9. Build A Fire Pit

10. DIY Upcycled Brick Doorstop


11. Make Your Own Brick Library


12. Recycled Brick Pen Holder For Desk

13. Brick Herb Markers

14. Brick Waterfall

15. Raised Garden Bed


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Author: Fidan Jovanov

Fidan Jovanov

A young enthusiast with a passion for home decor and architecture, I love writing articles that inspire and guide readers in transforming their spaces into stylish, functional, and beautiful environments.


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