15 Outstanding Mid-Century Modern Staircase Designs

The mid-century modern interior design style is a connection to the recent past. It brings an amazing time back in fashion with thanks to its similarity to the contemporary idea of the modern style. But it is far from the same. The vintage flashback is what makes this style unique and easy to tell apart from the contemporary styles. A key design element that unlike in many other styles, isn’t overlooked in the mid-century modern decor is the staircase.
The mid-century modern staircase has always been on par with the rest of the home’s design. Most traditional design styles interpret the staircase as something purely practical and use a basic design for it. But not here and you will see why so below.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we have featured 15 Outstanding Mid-Century Modern Staircase Designs. 
We have found many designs of mid-century modern staircases but only selected some of them for this collection. We wanted to filter out only the ones that can provide you with the best and most inspirational ideas. Hopefully we have achieved that in this collection as well as in the rest of the collections from our showcase of the mid-century modern style, featuring designs of the mid-century modern kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, kids’ room and home officeEnjoy!

Nevada City

Mellow Yellow House

East Bay Home


Pacific Palisades House

Venice Remodel

Somerset Renovation

Morley Street West House

Crestway Residence

Madison Park Mid-Century Modern Staircase

Mercer Island

Theodore Wirth Ranch

Jacon Way

Mid-Century Renovation

Mid-Century Modern Residence


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