15 Genius DIY Storage Solutions Made From File Holders

Office organizers such as magazine racks and file holders are very useful in keeping your desk organized while working, but do you use them at home? Most people don’t, probably because they keep their documents organized in their office. But what if you can use them to organize a lot of things in your home other than documents? File holders and magazine racks are incredibly versatile in the minds of a creative DIYer, but don’t worry, if you’re not one, we’ll give you a few ideas to start with.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we are happy to present you with these 15 Genius DIY Storage Solutions Made From File Holders. You can find all of the items that you’ll need to complete these projects in your local Dollar Store unless you have a bunch of magazine racks and file holders siting unused in your office. That’s all you really need to begin creating amazing DIY storage and organization solutions for your home. That and some instructions but we’ve made sure to include some. Enjoy!

1. Corner Wall Shelf Storage

2. Craft Supplies Organizer

3. Magazine Rack Cutting Board Storage

4. Toy Organization DIY Storage

5. DIY Mail Station Storage

6. Pantry Perishable Organizer

7. Easy DIY Purse Storage

8. Fresh Fruit and Produce Storage

9. Efficient Wrapping Station

10. Easy Wireless Router Hider

11. Baking Pan Holder from a Magazine Rack

12. Tupperware Lid Storage

13. Single File Bottle Storage

14. Stylish Magazine Rack Charging Station

15. Repurposed Magazine Rack Turned Towel Holder


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