17 Clever DIY Organization Ideas That Utilize Dollar Store Storage Bins

Organizing the home is not something that anyone is looking forward because it is kind of an impossible task. But just because you can’t achieve perfect organization of your home doesn’t mean you should stop trying. You can achieve near-perfect type of organization where you will reduce unnecessary clutter to a minimum and ensure frequently used items are more easily accessible so you won’t have to look for them and move ten other things from the way before reaching the item you’re looking for. One of the awesome Dollar Store items that can help you achieve this are storage bins.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’ll show you 17 Clever DIY Organization Ideas That Utilize Dollar Store Storage Bins. But you might think that Dollar Store storage bins are so plastic its ugly. Of course, unless you apply some DIY magic to them, so jump down into the ideas and find out plenty of ways you can make some really awesome things out of plastic storage bins, including making them look pretty. Happy crafting!

1. Chest Freezer Organization System


3. Pantry Organization

4. Dollar Tree Bins to Galvanized Buckets


6. Pantry Makeover

7. Simplify Your Kitchen with Organized Kitchen Cabinets

8. Set up your school library

9. DIY Homework Station for Less

10. Laundry Room Organization

11. Organize the Playroom

12. Paint Dollar Store Bins

13. DIY Dollar Tree Metal Locker Bins

14. Make Trendy Storage Solution from Dollar Tree Baskets

15. Dollar Store Bin Hacks

16. Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

17. DIY Chic Dollar Store Storage


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