15 Genius DIY Ideas To Make Use Of Old Silverware

Every time you buy a new set of silverware, there is an old, incomplete set that you retire. But just because you are no longer using it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take space in your kitchen drawers and throwing it out is not an option. Instead, we are going to show you plenty of creative ways to repurpose your old silverware. Who would have thought that there are many other ways to use silverware other than its intended purpose? You’ll see below.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we have featuredΒ 15 Genius DIY Ideas To Make Use Of Old Silverware. Take a moment to inspect the ideas that we’ve put together in this collection and feel free to use them as inspiration for your own crafting projects. Oh, they also come together with step by step instructions that will make sure that you face no issues while trying to replicate them. Enjoy!

1. Dining Room Starburst Mirror

2. Spoon Hangers

3. DIY Fork Photo Display

4. Silverware Wind Chime

5. Silverware Spoon Flowers

6. Stamped Spoon Handles

7. Fork Photo Holder Base

8. Silverware Flowers

9. Kitchen Utensil Key Rack

10. Starburst Mirror

11. Spoon Hooks

12. DIY Spoon And Pallet Hook Rack

13. Painted Spoons Wall Art

14. Silverware Lamp

15. Silverware Wall Art


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