15 Dreamy DIY Wall Hanging Decorations You Can Easily Make In An Hour Or Two

Wall art is responsible for a major part of your home’s character. It can really add a lot to your decor and as you’ve probably noticed in designer stores, wall hangings are incredibly popular. But as always, stores want to make the most out of the popularity of certain items so they really overprice them.
But just because stores put ridiculous prices on these wall hanging decorations doesn’t mean that you can’t have a few in your home. On the contrary, you can easily make some by yourself, all you need is some inspiration, plenty of ideas and a couple of hours of your spare time.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we have featuredΒ 15 Dreamy DIY Wall Hanging Decorations You Can Easily Make In An Hour Or Two. We’ve compiled plenty of amazing DIY projects that you are going to fall in love with. There’s simply no way you won’t find most of these DIY wall hanging decor pieces adorable and want them in decorating your bare walls. That’s why we’ve also made sure to include free, step by step tutorials that are going to make this whole thing even easier. Enjoy!

1. DIY Modern Tassel Wall Hanging

2. Colorful DIY Fabric Wall Hanging

3. DIY No Weave Wall Hanging

4. DIY Super Easy Tassel Wall Hanging

5. DIY Woven Wall Hanging

6. Copper Pipe Wall Hanging DIY

7. DIY Modern Dreamcatcher

8. DIY Moon Phase Wall Mobile

9. Dip Dyed DIY Wall Hanging

10. DIY Gold Dipped Yarn Hanging

11. Modern Wall Hanging With Copper Accents

12. DIY Marble Moon Phase Wall Hanging

13. Pom Pom Wall Hanging

14. DIY Modern Yarn Hanging

15. DIY Wall Weaving


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