15 Refreshing DIY Beach Themed Decor For Your Home

Summertime is already in its full effect and everyone is ready to embark on their summer vacation. Some of the luckier ones among us already live or own a house on the beach and if you’re one or know someone who is, then this article is for you. We are going to show you how to decorate your beach house while still keeping your budget safe for the rest of the summer holiday. The ideas that you’ll see below are inspired from the beach and from other nautical themes and we know you’re going to love them.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’ve featuredΒ 15 Refreshing DIY Beach Themed Decor For Your Home. These beach themed decorations are an awesome way to decorate your summer getaway without spending a lot of money on store-bought decorations. We’ve included detailed step by step tutorials that are going to guide you along the way. All you need to do is dedicate some time to start crafting. If you can do it on the beach, even better!

1. DIY Seashell Wall Art

2. Seashore Windchimes

3. Coastal Pallet Art

4. DIY Driftwood Sailboat Decor

5. DIY Coastal Rope Mirror

6. Reclaimed Wood Whale Art

7. Driftwood Anchor

8. Make A Driftwood Seahorse

9. Starfish Yarn Wreath

10. DIY Nautical Towel Holder

11. DIY Oyster Shell Candle Holder

12. Large Glass Buoys DIY

13. DIY Seashell Candles

14. DIY Beach Themed Decor – Pillows

15. Craft Stick Beach Plaque


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