15 Colorful Mid-Century Kids’ Room Designs Your Kids Would Love To Play In

The mid-century interior design style is a style which is very similar to the modern and contemporary styles but it is more colorful and looks a bit warmer. This makes it a good choice for the design of a kids’ room when you are thinking about something modern but still want to keep the kids’ room more colorful than what the modern styles offer, because after all, the kids’ room should be a playful and entertaining area for the kids, and that would be kinda hard in black and white. For this reason, we have decided to include the mid-century kids’ room interior design in our showcase of the mid-century design style which has already brought you collections of the mid-century:  kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining room.

Welcome to our latest interior design collection which features 15 Colorful Mid-Century Kids’ Room Designs Your Kids Would Love To Play In. This collection features many different types of kids’ room designs which means that you can find designs that will be suitable for babies, small kids or even teenagers. Enjoy!

Midtown Manhattan

Brentwood Residence

Playroom “exterior”

Boy Bedroom with Shed Dormer

Double Gable Eichler Remodel

Weston, MA

Glen Mill

Mid-Century Kids’ Room Interior Design

Mid-Century Modern Playroom

Glenlake Modern


Buchanan St Bellerive

Mid Century Modern Nursery by Little Crown Interiors

Reviving the 70’s

Colorful Mid-Century Kids’ Room


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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