15 Beautiful Modern Sunroom Designs Perfect For Any Weather

What’s with all the fuss about orangeries in modern homes? It doesn’t have anything to do with raising oranges. It’s actually another word for a modern sunroom although when described as an orangery, it is often meant as a sunroom that is built as an extension to the house. That’s a great way to open up your home and create a space that you can use regardless of the weather while still enjoying views from the outside but it is certainly not the only way to introduce a modern sunroom to your home.

If you have the real estate, you can also create an integrated sunroom, one which is built within the existing layout of your home. In any case, the idea is to expose a part of your home to the sun and to views of your home’s outdoor areas while protecting you from the elements and allowing you to lounge comfortably. Check out our latest compilation of interior designs and you’re going to discover 15 Beautiful Modern Sunroom Designs Perfect For Any Weather.

This collection is a part of our ongoing showcase of the modern style so if you like it, make sure you take a step back and explore the rest of them with designs of the modern kitchen, bathroom, powder room, bedroom, living room and dining room. Enjoy!

1. Modern Sunroom

2. Isartal House

3. Costa Brava Restoration

4. Modern Sunroom

5. Cascade Modern

6. The Little Boltons

7. Monterrey Modern

8. Modern Conservatory

9. Rockingham Residence

10. Breezy Pergola

11. St James’ Drive

12. Residence O

13. Nancy Creek Guesthouse and Pool

14. Riz Haven at 193A Jalan Loyang Besar

15. Modern Orangery


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