15 Awesome DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor Projects Your Kids Can Help Out With

It’s almost time to sit around the table and feast on the Thanksgiving dinner with your family but if you’re reading this, then you’re probably one of those people who want to have the perfect Thanksgiving tablescape. You can search through all the stores you want but there will never be anything as good as the stuff that you can make by yourself. Oh hang on, why should you make it all by yourself. We’ve found some easy, yet creative DIY Thanksgiving table decor projects that you can task your kids with. It will keep everyone occupied and you will have more time to worry about other things, such as the food and drinks.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’ve featured 15 Awesome DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor Projects Your Kids Can Help Out With. Check them out below, you will definitely find a few that you’ll want to make, or have your kids make. If you need more inspiration, check out our recent collections of 15 Creative DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas You Should Surprise Your Guests With and 15 Creative DIY Place Cards That You Should Consider Using This Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

1. Edible Teepee Placeholders

2. Beaded Napkin Rings

3. Neon Pine Cone Place Card

4. Golden Corn DIY Thanksgiving table decor

5. Wheat Bundle

6. Grateful Tree Centerpiece

7. Burlap Place Setting

8. Kid Place Setting

9. Turkey Talk

10. Pear Perfect Place Cards

11. Faux Turkey

12. Adorn your table with geometric shapes, textures, and muted colors

13. Colorful Kid Table

14. Painted Acorn Napkin Rings

15. Paper Leaf Table Runner


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