15 Amazing Modern Bathroom Designs For A Modern Home

The bathroom is one of the most covered subjects on our website because it is an essential part of any home. We feel like it is our duty to provide you with the latest designs of bathrooms from all over the internet, combined into compact collections such as 15 Exquisite Modern Shower Designs For Your Modern Bathroom.

Today, we have made a collection of 15 Amazing Modern Bathroom Designs For A Modern Home which will take your breath away with the simplicity of their design and their elegant and modern look.
As we all know, the modern bathroom design is most commonly and widely known for it’s employment of straight lines and sharp edges as well as simple color schemes without too many accents, especially on the walls. And one of the main and best features of the modern bathroom design is that it uses large glass walls and glass objects in order to make the space look much bigger than it is, unless it’s already big enough.

Wood block residence

Modern Bathroom – Bastasch Residence

Contemporary House in Mexico City

Sweeney Lake House

Bathroom in Belmont, Victoria

Girard Townhouse, Philadelphia, PA

Private Residence Casey Key 2

Uptown Penthouse

Creek Side Modern

Big Boy Masterbath

Urban Angles Bathrooms

Idaho Residence

Modern Bathroom Design

Fairview Residence

West Shore


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