15 Amazing Industrial Swimming Pool Designs

A swimming pool is a wonderful thing for those scorching hot summer days, but what’s even better than hitting the local swimming pool is having your very own swimming pool in the backyard. That is the ultimate form of luxury and if you have the chance to build your own swimming pool, you should definitely take it. In the industrial home, an industrial swimming pool does not feel much different from say a contemporary swimming pool but nevertheless, it does have that vibe of the industrial style that we all love here.

Welcome to a new compilation of outdoor designs in which we’ve featured 15 Amazing Industrial Swimming Pool Designs. Spend a minute or two exploring these wonderful designs and you’ll find plenty of ideas that you can use for your own swimming pool, unless you’re just casually browsing, in which case, these amazing pool designs are likely to refresh you. In any case, this compilation of ideas is a part of our showcase of the industrial style so if you like the style, pay a visit to our collections featuring designs of the industrial porchdecklandscape, patio and balcony. Enjoy!

1. 6th Avenue Exterior

2. Brickworks Inspiration

3. Industrial Swimming Pool Design

4. Richards Street Townhome

5. Casa Bonita

6. Rooftop Pool



8. Industrial Pool

9. East Dallas Minimalism

10. Tree House

11. Flex Model

12. Zinc House

13. Industrial Pool

14. Valley Center House

15. Maple Lane Pool


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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