12 Unordinary Architectural Projects That Will Catch Your Attention

If you have already chosen whichΒ strange hotelΒ you are going to visit this summer, then check this collection ofΒ 12 unordinary architectural projects that will catch your attentionΒ as well if you are into stuff that breaks out from the everyday monotony.
In this collection, we have featured 12 unordinary architectural projects which are nothing like you’ve seen before. Do not be surprised if you see upside own houses, or houses that resemble the shape of a UFO or even wacky transparent houses in the middle of the desert, because in this collection, we’ve got all kinds of unordinary architectural projects.
With this collection, we want to show you the kinds of things a creative mind of an architect can come up with and make them look so different from everything else.

Floating House by Dymitr Malcew

Transparent House by by Philip K Smith

Disk Office with a Hole by Joseph DiPasquale

UFOGEL: A Spaceship Lodge Lands on the Austrian Alps

Diamondhouse by XTEN Architecture

Habitable Polyhedron by Manuel Villa

A Modular Hexagonal Home by Barry Jackson

Rotunda Residence for Series of Spanish Holiday Homes by Johnston Marklee

Villa Vals by studio SeARCH & Christian Muller Architect

Crofthouse by James Stockwell Architect

Upside Down Polish Cabin by Daniel Chapevski

Piano House by Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project Co


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