12 Teen room Ideas By Eugene Zhdanov

We know that some of you are looking for ideas on how to decorate a teen bedroom, that’ s why we hav choose this post to publish. We are bringing you a  portfolio of Russian designer Eugene Zhdanov. This designer has created wonderful and quite impressive ideas. This what we are showing you are just concepts, but we find them a great source of inspiration. Either you are more into modern style or into classic, you may find something for your taste that will suite to your teenager. He combines modern with classic and creates a perfect examples that you are gonna love.

You can see, most of the rooms were created around a central theme. It depends if there is a color theme or one inspired by daily happenings. All of the concept rooms are amazing. Some feature interesting urban elements ( including various posters, industrial details, decorating items & Etc. ), other have a charming traditional vibe. As we already mention, with combined styles you are getting and unique room.  As each of them displays something original and appealing to the discerning teenager, it will bring happiness and everybody will be satisfied. Make sure to find what you like, and what is more important what your teenager like and create a perfect room.


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