12 Cozy and Divine Scented Candles to Celebrate the Fall Season in Your Home

You’ll soon agree that it doesn’t get cozier than this! Since we are obsessed with autumnal celebrations we have to explore every single aspect of it and get your home to become in tune with the autumn vibe.

As any home decor lover knows, fall is the season to get thing cozy and add those warm touches to the interior. Once the autumn season comes around earthy hues, layers of texture, and comfy areas pop up in our homes and everything is set for planing your upgrade for the season. This is the part when we are in search of a unique fall scent that we can bring into our own space. Whether you are a fan of subtle home fragrances or earthy aromas we have rounded up for you some of our favorite fall candles. You can choose any of the following options to make your home even more inviting space of warmth and coziness.

1. Pumpkin Chai

  • Luxurious three-wick candle that will fill your home with a spicy masala chai and a comforting blend of wild pumpkin
  • Burn time: 80 to 100 hours

2. Juniper, Amber & Teakwood

  • Scent of a good walk through the woods
  • The perfect woodsy aroma of teakwood, juniper and amber is ideal for a fall home refresh
  • Burn time: up to 110 hours

3. Cedarwood and Mahogany

  • The scent of cedarwood and mahogany will embrace the fall season
  • Burn time: 50 hours

4. Bergamot, Reinder Moss & Cinnamon

  • The notes of bergamot, reinder moss and cinnamon leaf are going to bring an earthy touch to your home

5. Pumpkin, Ginger, Cinnamon & Nutmeg

  • This pumpkin scent with the touches of the cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg is a must-have when the temperature dips

6. Bonfire

  • This scent is for those nights when a bonfire just isn’t feasible
  • This candle brings an open air and the crackling fire to you

7. Cinnamon, Egyptian Geranium & Lemon

  • Minimalist design and full of unexpected scents
  • The prefect combination from Egyptian Geranium to tobacco, floral and spicy

8. Cedar & Citron

  • This one features forests and rigged beaches
  • It’s a blend of balsam, pine, fir, along with earthy cedar, tonka and bright lemon that make for the perfect fall aroma

9. Salted Butterscotch

  • Sweet & Salty Scent
  • This is the new fall staple

10. Apple, Raspberry & Spice

  • Monogrammed candle that features an interesting combo of apple, raspberry, spice, amber, cashmere and clove

11. Rose & Wood

  • Luxurious candle that celebrates the essence of rose with a touch of a woody scent

12. Orange Blossom, Amber & Cedarwood

  • Hand-poured in upstate New York
  • Scent that is balanced with orange blossom, crisp amber and cedarwood

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