10 Unbelievable See-through Glass House Designs

It is usually doll houses that have no walls on one side of the house so that the one who plays with it can see what’s going on inside and be able to play. But as of recently, doll houses are not the only kind of houses that have see-through walls. Some people decided they want to live in a “bubble” where everyone can take a glance of what’s happening inside, so they decided to build a glass house.
And that is also what we are featuring in this collection of 10 unbelievable see-through glass house designs which will stun you with their unique and unusual translucent design which allows everyone to peek through and directly into the interior of the home.

Cylindrical Glass House With A Tree Inside

Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe

10 Unbelievable See-through Glass House Designs


10 Unbelievable See-through Glass House Designs


Glass Cube House by Carlo Santambrogio

Transparent Floating Vacation Home

Shelter Island Hill House by Michael P. Johnson and Stuart Parr Design

Long Island House by Kanner Architects

Glass House by Philip Johnson

Translucent House with Plastic Walls


Peekaboo Apartment


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