10 Room Men’s Closet Photos that will Inspire You on How to Organize and Assemble Yours

Practicality, beauty and comfort are indispensable elements for a men’s closetBut how to conquer this triad? That is what today’s post will answer you for.

Here are the best tips for you to set up and organize a spotless men’s closet, check it out:

How to assemble the men’s closet

A men’s closet needs to be functional and practical in everyday life. Therefore, when planning this type of closet it is important to consider the arrangement of shelves, niches and macaws so that everything is always visible and easily accessible. In small environments, the men’s closet should have at least one macaw. The rest of the space can be filled with shelves. It is also important to have at least two drawers to facilitate organization.

Larger closets can afford to have even a small center island for storing accessories and objects. Shoes should not be forgotten at the time of design. Have a space dedicated exclusively to them. The most commonly used material for men’s closet manufacturing is woody MDF, precisely because it is more sober and neutral, an almost absolute preference for most men.

However, nothing prevents a men’s closet from having different colors, especially in more modern and youthful proposals. But if in doubt, stick to neutral colors such as white, black, gray and blue.

Another interesting suggestion for closet materials is glass and steel.

Male Closet Shared

Many married men end up having to share the closet with their mates. And at this time, it is important to set the boundaries of each within the closet. Ideally, the closet should be thought of mirrored, that is, what has on one side has on the other. Thus, both enjoy the same space.

However, the golden tip here is not to mix the couple’s pieces. This goes for clothes as well as for shoes and accessories. 

Organization of the men’s closet: tips to make no mistake

When organizing the men’s closet, the number one tip is to “sectorize” the space. Have the location of each thing well defined and never mix the pieces together. This makes it difficult for the closet to be located and visible. Here’s how to organize the closet item by item:

Jackets and suits

Jackets, suits, blazers and other larger pieces should be kept hanging by hangers. For those who do not often wear this type of clothing and want to keep it protected, opt for TNT covers that allow the fabric to “breathe”, unlike the plastic covers that muffle the clothing.

T-shirts & Shirts

Shirts should always be hung on hangers with the first button closed. Separate them by color, forming a gradient from darker to lighter, so it’s easier to find the one you need. It is also important to separate the short sleeved shirts from the long sleeved shirts.

T-shirts can be arranged on hangers (following the same idea as shirts) or folded and stored on shelves. Just be careful not to form a stack that is too high, so you avoid crumpling and messing up your shirts when you get the one down in the pile.

Pants and shorts

Preferably keep pants and shorts hanging on the hanger. The key to preventing these pieces from creasing or creasing is to use thicker hangers such as rubberized or velvet hangers.

But if you don’t have enough space to keep these pieces on the hanger, fold them up and put them on the shelves.


Socks and underwear should receive special attention when organizing the men’s closet. Because they are smaller, they can easily make a mess and you don’t know what you have to use.

The best place to store this type of piece is in drawers, preferably using TNT organizing hives. Separate the social socks from the cotton socks and keep the arrangement color.


Take good care of the organization of your shoes. Break them down by type (social, sporting, casual) and do not store them in boxes other than infrequently used boxes.

Use shelves to accommodate the pairs, keeping them side by side. It is also possible to arrange the shoes facing each other or forward and backward. But do not stack one above the other, you may damage the shoe as well as soiling it with the sole of the upper. 


Men who wear ties must know how to organize them to better preserve the garment. This means either you wear tie hangers or store them in organizing hives. Remembering that they must be organized in a little way. Belts follow the same logic of organization of ties. If you have space, hang them, otherwise use organizers and save them in rolls.

Hats and caps cannot be wrinkled. In this case you have two options: place them on shelves next to each other or hang them on specific hangers and racks. Scarves and scarves can simply be folded and stored in drawers or shelves.

Here are 10 models of men’s closet to inspire yours!












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