10 Project Ideas of Wooden Porches and Their Advantages

The porch is one of the best places in the house. If it’s wooden, even better. The wooden balconies are cozy, comfortable and can be used for different decoration purposes. Best of all, they are super hot on interior designs.

Demolition wood, for example, looks great on more rustic proposals, while finer-finish wood values ​​elegant, sophisticated-style balconies.In any case, wood is always a joker in the hands of the decorator. You can create wonderful environments with it. Just take a few precautions so that it always remains beautiful, especially if it is being used on the structural part of the balcony, such as the floor, for example.Therefore, we have listed below the advantages of using wooden flooring on the balcony, so you can make your choice.

Advantages of the wooden porch

  1. Wood is a great thermal insulator, keeping the temperature always pleasant to the touch. Using it on the floor ensures that you feel barefoot without getting too hot or cold;
  2. In addition to thermal insulation, the wood also has a good acoustic performance providing greater comfort in the environment, since the sounds do not bounce on the surface.
  3. Regardless of the type of wood used or the finish given to it, the material will always present its natural veins ensuring a beautiful rustic effect, sometimes softer, sometimes more intense.

There are couple of wooden balcony types like rustic wood porch, wooden balcony with glass, wooden suspended porch and gourmet wood balcony. 

Now it’s on you to check some of the wooden porch designs that we prepared for you to get inspired! Enjoy and take notes guys, the one you like the most might be in your balcony sooner than you thought!













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