18 Gorgeous Wooden Porches For Fully Summer Enjoyment

Nice weather is already here and the porch looks like a great place to relax after a hard day. Why are the most porches often sad and gloomy? They give the first impression of a home, and yet many of them are ignored. In some regions, the summer has already arrived! Therefore, it is high time to grasp the work and edit your porch for the warmest time of the year. Choose a style that you like best: rustic, shabby chic, modern, traditional or Scandinavian and start creating! For a shabby chic porch design you will need to use furniture in this style, statues, flowers and candlesticks. We really like the rustic porches with wicker furniture and flowers in pots and comfortable textiles. This year in trend are traditional and patios inspired from the beach and sea. For their arrangement you will need corals, shells, starfish and white wooden furniture. Details of bright colors and lots of green plants and flowers look stunning on any porch, so be creative.

Placing furniture on your porch helps to define the space, and allows you and your visitors to enjoy the area. Depending on the size, the amount of furniture will be different. If your porch is small, one or two chairs can be enough for that space. If it is a large area, more seating can be an option. You can use wicker chairs, tables and sofas to create a comfortable, casual feeling. Wooden benches and swings may be set as well. In our collection below, you can see various examples of woodenย porches, that will amaze you for sure!


Image via David Lamb


Image via Greg Schmidt


Image via Richard Leo Johnson


Image via Hoachlander Davis Photography


Image via John McManus Photography


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