10 Ideas With an Orange Accent for Styling Your Home

If you are looking for the right color that can bright up your home, feel free to choose the orange vibrant hue. Orange as color can be surprisingly versatile, especially when set against turquoise, where the contrast is lush and tropical. This color becomes a slick update on an traditional design when putted against a soft neutral design. On the other side, on lacquered and Lucite objectsΒ  the orange can add another layer to a contemporary style. And guess what? The options are endless!

Now see for yourself how the orange color can transform your room design in the following photos.

1. Graphic Graphite

You can see how the graphite shades perfectly allow the orange sofa to make a major statement in the room.

2. Tangerine Interiors

This design features white cabinets with some tangerine-painted interiors, which is just another example of the artful orange cabinetry,

3. Bold Foyer

Imagine this bold orange walls greeting your guests in a foyer design on their way to your living room. Perfection!

4. Stand-Out Drapery

In a neutral living space, the rich-hued silk drapery can provide a punch of color, as you can see here.

5. Perfect Match

Look at this vivid orange meeting a flawless complement in bright turquoise. Simply irresistible setting!

6. Soft Neutrals

As you can notice in this simple, beautiful kitchen the introduction to the orange into the space has been reached with the painted cubbies. The most important thing that has been done here is the fact that is didn’t overwhelmed the design.

7. Contemporary Seating

Here at this setting, the orange color helps to heighten the drama of this contemporary design.

8. Lacquer Accents

Look at the subtle way how the orange lacquered lighting makes a creative detail in this whimsical bathroom.

9. Vibrant Accents

This is the space where the orange tones accent a neutral space. And you can feel it all over the place.

10. Romantic Charm

This foyer embraces a romantic take on the orange trend with a pink-tinged hue and some beautiful Moroccan-inspired accents.

Which one is your favorite one?



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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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