10 Glamorous Bedroom Vanity Ideas You’ll Want to Have

For this one get ready for some sophistication and style, because we are speaking of a designated bedroom vanity! In a real meaning of the word it means a luxurious and functional feature for your home that provides a dedicated space complete with storage and sophistication for getting ready for the day. Yes, it means you have a private spot in your bedroom where you can apply your make up, or get ready for a night in the town. All these makeup vanities are located in bedrooms, closets, dressing areas, or bathrooms. They are the epitome of glamour, so this is one of the many reasons why you should take a look at the inspiring designs.

1. Fun & Feminine

You can easily notice that this chic boudoir is made of a gallery wall of personal photo that set the scene for its sophistication.

2. Antique Vanities

Who doesn’t want lalique pieces that enliven a classic vanity in plum walnut?

3. Classy Corner

This corner is the perfect spot for the addition of a sleek vanity table like this one in your home. Isn’t it inviting?

4. Lovely in Lavander

This is a classic vanity in soothing lavender touch. Makes us feel like we want to be here in this moment, and never leave.

5. Sleek Woods

This custom vanity table is everything in the world of wooden decor. If you are this vintage type of person then this look is a match made in heaven.

6. Dressing Room Vanity

Here we are looking at a sheer elegant vanity that is placed in the dressing room. A small place can mean so much with vanities. Agree?

7. Beach House Vanity

This space has been used very beautifully. The bright and airy vanity area makes the picture perfect. Getting ready for the beach was never this easy.

8. Chic Focal Point

This stunning London townhouse dressing room has a vanity placed right in the center. It looks pretty much royal and so soft. Would you like to have this kind of home vanity?

9. Art Deco Vanity

Sometimes a mix of the right materials can create the sophisticated vanity that you exactly need. And yes, in Art Deco!

10. Classic and Effortless

In this master bedroom the classic and effortless style is inevitable at this point. The French Deco dressing table makes a bold statement.



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