Z House by Zozaya Arquitectos in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Project: Z House
Architects: Zozaya Arquitectos
Location: Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Area: 5,059 sf
Photographs by: Rafael Gamo

Z House by Zozaya Arquitectos

Zozaya Arquitectos have designed a stunning holiday home in a coastal town in Mexico called Zihuatanejo.
The Z House is placed on a plot on top of a hill, looking down a steep slope towards the Pacific Ocean. The town’s warm climate has dictated the design of the house, calling for more air circulation and sun protection, but the beautiful beaches in the town below are the reason for the opening that paints the beautiful vistas.

Casa Z is located on one of the highest hills in Zihuatanejo, on a trapezoidal land with an area of ​​500 m2. The surface of the land is irregular, the main access being on the upper part of the land. The main concept of the project was to create a minimalist house with rich social spaces where users could enjoy the panoramic views and the climate of the region. Three levels are proposed composed of two volumes that would be staggered to take advantage and respect the topography.

The central volume of the house consists of two juxtaposed rectangular volumes composed of twenty-five centimeters thick walls. The upper rectangular volume has the function of master bedroom, this space frames the view and creates the sensation of being flying in the air due the altitude. The street facade uses a double skin façade made up of vertical bamboo, generating privacy and solar protection to the room.

The intermediate level of the house has the main function of social area, from this level you can descend to access the terrace and pool area. The infinity pool reflects the panoramic view and ocean on the water successfully giving the sensation of flow.

The architectural piece uses essential materials such as concrete, steel, local limestone and bamboo. This mix of materials and local construction techniques gives the house a strong modern and tropical personality, successfully adapting to its context and being in harmony with nature.

Zozaya Arquitectos


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