Closet light up ideas

The main-stage mirror is not only handy for putting together your stylish outfit, this also provides an essential reflective surface for the wall of LED bulbs. This design by Annette English and Associates .


This photo courtesy belongs to Artistic Designs for Living. You’ll want a high-watt bulb to really make the most of your track lighting, so opt for LED or CFL bulbs, as they give off a clean white glow without radiating a high amount of heat that can be stifling in a small space.


Suzanne Haughland of Decori Designs says the high beams will bounce off of the white, making the space look wider and more inviting.


You should not forget what your closet is all about: your clothes. True color and texture come to life in natural light. Your closet lighting should mimic the sunlight that bounces off both ground and vertical surfaces. This idea is from Laurence Tamaccio of Design Destinations. Your ceiling should be a relatively neutral white so that the light from the fixture can bounce off the surface. Photography is by Greg Benson

Add a classy focal point to your closet if you have some extra square footage.Extra lighting comes from natural light through the balcony doors and a table lamp at the makeup vanity, as well.

The product is discreetly mounted on the front panels, facing into the closet’s hanging area and directing light onto the clothes. The string of pods is wrapped around the three sides to highlight without using precious space.


Lighting can be tricky in closets with odd shapes and small corners.  Lisa installed the lights on a dimming system, which allows you to monitor the varying needs and functionality in the closet.

These are easy solutions that don’t require an electrician or a month’s salary. Design by LA Closet Design

Designer Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design used directional lights and they are great for illuminating specific items in the closet.


Make the window the centerpiece of your space, and you can really see how you look in that little black dress. Natural light source in your home perhaps from an unused second bedroom and build your closet around it.


The candlelight sconces fit in well with the closet’s rustic theme. Design by Murphy & Co. Design; Photo courtesy of Phillip Mueller Photography


Just remember to take off your shoes before entering. This design belongs to Refined LLC . This opulent crystal chandelier is perfect because it adds both drama and high wattage and create luxury and glamorous atmosphere.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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