Would You Have a Room With Burnt Cement?

Laminate flooring comes out, burnt cement comes in. Yes, this is one of the most popular flooring options at the moment, fitting even in the noblest environments of the house, such as the living room.

No wonder the room with burnt cement has been so successful. It fits right in the most modern decoration proposals, including industrial and minimalist styles, for example.

Want to follow this wave too? So, take a look at the tips and ideas that we brought below and get inspired to create your room with burnt cement.

What is burnt cement?

Burnt cement is nothing more than a mixture of cement, sand and water. Once ready, this putty is applied directly to the surface to be coated, which can be either the wall or the floor. But it doesn’t end there. Burnt cement still goes through a “burning” process, but that has nothing to do with fire. 

The firing process refers to the technique of sprinkling cement powder over the still-fresh mass. This process will ensure the smooth and textured appearance of the cement. However, nowadays it is also possible to count on ready-made masses for burnt cement. These products come ready to use, just apply. Burnt cement can still be used to create countertops, tables, and other supporting furniture in the living room.

In other words, its use is very wide and versatile. Another characteristic of burnt cement is that it can receive different colours in its composition, ranging from white to blue, and from red to pink. To do this, simply add pigments of the desired colour to the cement powder.

Check out now these living room decor ideas with burnt cement and get inspired:











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