Would You Go for a Black Room?

Want elegance in decoration? Use black! Want style and personality? Black. Do you prefer something more neutral? Black too!

We have already noticed that black is the perfect color to create the most varied types of environments, but there is one that deserves attention. Do you know what it is? The black room!

And in today’s post, we brought many tips to help you decorate a black room. Come and see:

Black Room Decor: Basic Tips

Meaning of the Black Color


Before you want to put the color black in the decoration of your room it is worth knowing a little more about the influence of this color on our senses.

Black is the color of power, sophistication, and glamor, that is, the color inspires environments with a strong personality. But not only that. Black is also the color of the unknown, which can generate decorations of mythical and mysterious appeal.

Black is still considered a color that demonstrates formality, discipline, and authority, which is why it is common to see it associated with great executives. Color, when used in environments, has the ability to enlarge the pupils, leaving the eyes more open. The result of this is a gentle rise in blood pressure, capable of making people more relaxed and able to socialize. But be careful with the excess of the black color, since it can generate states of depression, anguish, and fear.

Excessive color can also cause a feeling of claustrophobia, especially in small environments.

How to Use Black in the Decoration of the Room

You can choose to use black in the living room in a number of different ways. The most recommended for those who are afraid of making mistakes in the hand is to dose the black with some light and neutral color, such as white, gray, and beige.

For those who want something more impactful, you can bet on the combination of black with vibrant colors, like red, for example.

It is worth remembering that the smaller the environment, the more judicious the use of black should be since the color tends to flatten and visually reduce spaces. In this case, the tip is to bet on color in detail, instead of using it in large structures, such as carpets, curtains, and sofa.

Check out below the inspirations of black room decor for you to take as a reference:










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