Wooden Vase – How To Take Care of, Tips And Inspiring Photos

It can be rustic, modern, or sophisticated. For the wooden vase do not have bad weather! The piece knows how to fit into various decorative proposals, ensuring a special touch for the decoration.

Want to find out more about the wooden vase, get inspired, and still learn how to make one? So, keep following this post.

Wooden plant pot: what you need to know

Sizes and formats

The wooden vase is very versatile. It can be any size and shape you like, which increases the possibilities of species that can be cultivated inside it. If you want to plant a palm tree, just choose a tall, wide pot. But if the intention is to make a mini vegetable garden, the rectangular shape in garden style is the best option.

For those who just want to use the wooden vase to accommodate a green branch or a solitary flower, you can bet on the rounded and oval shapes that are delicate and elegant.

Colors and Customization

The wooden pot, when used in its natural color, helps to bring out the green of the plants. The light woody color is perfect to blend in with boho and Scandinavian decors. The darker versions are great for industrial and rustic decorations, especially if the vase is made with pallet or demolition wood. This type of wood gives an unfinished and raw look to the piece, serving well in these decor proposals.

Another important detail: the wooden vase can also be customized. Wood accepts very well different types of finish, ranging from painting to decoupage. This guarantees even greater freedom to use the wooden vase for decoration.

Vase x cachepot

The wooden vase, despite its name, works more like a cachepot than a vase itself. The cachepot is a type of pot without a hole. It serves only to accommodate the plant and not as a planting container. Because of this, it ends up being more suitable as a coating for simple vases, such as plastic ones.

Care of the wooden vase

Regardless of the wooden vase being used as a vase or cachepot, some precautions are essential. The first one is to avoid leaving the wooden vase exposed to the sun and rain. Even with varnish paint protection, the material wears out over time, in addition to creating mold and fungus spots, which can end up being harmful to the plants as well. And speaking of painting, from time to time, apply a coat of colorless varnish (or any other of your choice) to prevent deterioration of the vase.

It is also important to note if the vessel is being targeted by termites. By guarantee, an insecticidal product can be applied.

Check out now the following wooden vase inspirations to change the look of your little plants and your home:












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