Wooden Door For The Living Room?

The wooden living room door is not just a door. It is an important decorative item in the project. But of course, the door also assumes other functions, such as the protection and security of the house, in addition to offering acoustic comfort and privacy to residents. 

Keep following the post to learn more about the wooden door for the living room and still be inspired by beautiful models of the wooden door for the living room.

Why bet on the wooden door to the living room?

Resistance and durability

The wooden door is one of the most used in residential projects around the world.

Much of this popularity is due to the high strength and durability of wood. The material, when well maintained, lasts for years without losing its aesthetic and functional characteristics. 

Wood is also very resistant to impacts, which makes it a great choice for environments with external connections, such as living rooms. 


The wooden door accepts different types of customization, such as painting, for example, or the possibility of being custom-made with the desired size, shape, and accessories.

Good cost-benefit

Currently, the wooden door has one of the best cost-benefit ratios on the market. The material is durable, tough, beautiful, versatile, and functional. Another advantage, in this sense, is that there are wooden doors in various price ranges. The more affordable ones, made of wood such as pine and eucalyptus, are more suitable for environments without contact with the outside area since they have less resistance. 

Integration with other materials

The wooden door has another great advantage: the fact that it is easily integrated with other materials, especially the more modern ones, which guarantee a differentiated look to the architectural project.

This is the case, for example, of glass and steel. The combination of wood with these elements enriches any project.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Despite requiring regular maintenance, such as the application of varnish, waterproofing, and anti-termite products, the wooden door is a relatively easy material to clean and maintain.

Daily cleaning can only be done with a cloth slightly dampened with water.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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