Wonderful Ideas for a Double Wardrobe with Mirror

What do you think of combining functionality and decoration in the same furniture? We are talking about the double wardrobe with a mirror.

A kind of wardrobe that never becomes obsolete, gaining new versions and possibilities every day.

But if you still have doubts about whether or not to bet on the double wardrobe with a mirror, don’t worry. We have brought some nice tips and ideas to help you make the best decision. follow up.

Types of double wardrobes with mirrors


The double wardrobe with mirror can be planned, i.e. made to measure, in order to meet both your needs and the dimensions of the room.

A bespoke project has the immense advantage of being fully customised, including the door opening system, the number of drawers and internal shelves and of course the colour and placement of the mirror on the doors.

Not to mention that the double wardrobe with a planned mirror still utilizes every inch of space and avoids dead and unused areas, which is especially terrible for those who have a small bedroom.

However, prepare your bag, because, despite the advantages, the double wardrobe with a planned mirror is more expensive, especially compared to other models.


The double wardrobe with modulated mirror is available in department stores and is sold ready or in modules that you can choose according to your needs.

The advantage of modular furniture is the price, much cheaper than planned furniture. However, the options are limited and you may not be able to find a model that fits perfectly into the environment, and in doing so you end up sacrificing important centimetres that go unused.

With sliding doors

We need a topic just to talk about the double wardrobe with mirror with sliding doors. It’s because? Quite simply because this is the top model when it comes to saving space. It’s perfect for small spaces.

Because opening the doors does not take up space in the area, so that, for example, the bed can be moved closer to the closet without affecting functionality.

The model is also modern and has a clean and sleek look.

You can find it in modulated versions or have it made to measure.


The double wardrobe with an integrated mirror saves the most useful place in the room since it is installed in a niche in the wall.

But for that, it has to be planned. But it is worth considering this option since this type of cabinet is also modern and gives the room a sophisticated atmosphere.

Those who want a minimalist aesthetic can also opt for this wardrobe model, as it practically “disappears” in the environment.











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