Wonderful Atmosphere On The Terrace Or Patio With Fragrant Plants

Among the numerous benefits of natural plants is the smell that some of them give off, which can be the best natural air freshener for your terrace or balcony. A benefit (that artificial plants do not have ) to enjoy to the fullest now that spring is here.

Spring and summer have a special smell. And we are not just referring to the smell of those who are lucky enough to live by the sea. We refer to some plants that display their best atmosphere at sunset on spring and summer nights when they are in full bloom. This aroma does not have to be reserved for large patios and gardens. A small terrace or balcony is enough for these plants to give the best of themselves.

Here are some of the best smelling plants!

A classic, lavender

One of the best known is lavender. Its advantages are not limited to its aroma, they are also perfect to give a little color to the terrace. They can be planted in pots and their vertical and orderly growth make them very showy. To grow strongly they need sun (about six hours a day) so they must be in a bright area of ​​the terrace.

The lilo

The lilac is another of the plants that offer their best gift in spring, thanks to the good smell that their flowers give off. As the lady of the night, it is a plant with abundant vegetation that can reach a large size. It can be in the form of a bush or even a tree. Its care is simple, but if you want to fully enjoy the olfactory benefits in the flowering and hot season, you have to be constant with watering because its roots must be properly hydrated. If you also give it a little mineral fertilizer in spring, it will give you some wonderful flowers.

The fragrant jasmine

The popular jasmine has its most fragrant version in this variety. A variety that also takes the form of a bush and that gives us small yellow flowers. Perhaps not the most beautiful but the ones that will give you a better atmosphere. Although it can reach a good size, you can plant it in a pot (in small spaces) and prune it in winter. You have to protect them from frost but otherwise, with the usual showy care, you will get all its benefits.


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