Balcony Filled With Naturalness And Relaxation

Decorating and furnishing a small balcony is usually not a priority when moving into a new apartment. On the other hand, once you are well installed, this outdoor arrangement can become the center of your concerns, especially when beautiful days arrive. Despite the small area to be developed and the constraint of being outdoors, the possibilities are numerous.

In most cases, the balcony of an apartment is longer than it is wide. Although it is preferable to leave the space in front of the door free to be able to move around, the two sides still need to be arranged and here we were immediately seduced by the outside bed which invites you to take a nap or read a good book. the weekend. On the surface, this arrangement is simple. But it is fair in appearance. If you take a good look at the bottom of this exterior “bed” you will notice that the pallets are over-raised. We do find it smart because it allows the wood of the structure to be preserved in the event of rain. Above it is a sleeping pad that can easily be rolled up and put away when fall arrives. To complete the cozy side of this balcony treatment, we can count on cushions. This dressing cuts you off from the void and the outside world. Once you are lying on this outdoor bed, you cannot be seen. In the outside corner of the balcony, a simple green parasol to protect from the sun’s rays.

The cozy furnishings are not the only interesting thing about this balcony. The presence of plants gives it a natural and above all very modern side. An urban jungle effect in a mini and outdoor version. The green plants are hung on the railing, placed on the ground, on a shelf. It is a good alternative when you do not have a garden or a plot of land to plant plants. In addition to the plants, the natural side is accentuated by the presence of the wood texture with the shelf, the structure of the external bed, or the floor covering.


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