Why the Right Curtains Can Make Your Interior Decor Perfect

Couches, armchairs, throw rugs – when you go to decorate the inside of your new or existing home, you are likely to think of these items first. In order to make a room more comfortable, you need to have furniture that is arranged in a sensible manner. Paintings and wall art can make the room more pleasing to the eye, and area rugs help to define space. Oftentimes, mini-blinds are used as window coverings out of necessity with no thought put on design. Drapery in general usually becomes an afterthought rather than becoming the centre of an interior design concept. Getting made to measure curtains will make your design concept clear and complete. Remember to start with the drapery and then build around that so that your interior designs look divine.

Curtains Act as Room Accents

Go into a room that lacks curtains and you are definitely going to feel that something is missing. They can be playful, classic, dramatic, or clean and modern, but drapes and curtains make the best finishing touch. Drapery hangs at eye level, so it is much more noticeable than other pieces in a room. Eyes gravitate toward rich drapery that hangs with an effortless elegance. Short drapes that help to connect various pieces are also very noticeable.

Controlling Lighting with Curtains

Heavy drapes will prevent any light from entering a room. There are curtains that are sheer and light, which can be layered to create more dramatic designs. The best way to delineate how natural light flows into a room is through curtains. Mini-blinds can help to filter most light, but not all of it. The same goes for sun shades that don’t completely cover the windows. Get drapes that help you to introduce light into a room or completely shutter it out at will.

Curtains and Color Coordination

If you want to show that you took care when decorating your house, have curtains designed and crafted that perfectly suit each room. For instance, long drapes need to be one to two inches above the ground. Since windows can be any combination of length, height, or width, it is more sensible to have them custom measured and sewn as opposed to trying to find the right ones in a store. Custom made drapes can be matched to the color of your existing furniture, too.

Even if you have every other piece of furniture and interior decorations you can think of, your home will feel naked without window coverings. Custom made drapes are of a higher quality than what you find in the average department store, thus making your home interior design look richer. Most importantly, custom made drapes are a worthwhile investment. Your drapes can come with you to a new home when you move, or even be gifted to a relative if you don’t have a need for them anymore. Consider just how more complete the interior of your home is going to look when you hang pairs of custom-crafted curtains in every room.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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