Why Ageing Houses need to Revisit their Windows

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to bring back to life a house that has gained in age. The easy solution is to revisit the windows. Older structures were not as opened to the outdoor as new ones. Here is how you can rejuvenate your house, simply by revisiting the way the sun comes into your home.

Tear Down the Wall between the Kitchen and the Garden

Modern houses have integrated the garden as a part of the house. You want to be able to see the trees and have the kitchen filled with natural lights, at all times. The pavement in the kitchen, needs to melt with the one on the terrace, as you step outside. But most of all, you need to be able to walk freely from the kitchen to the garden in summer time. And so, the solution is to tear down the wall and replace it by aluminium sliding glass doors. In one action, you will completely modify the way that your house looks, bringing it into the 21st century in an instant. If you are afraid that it will make it easier for people with bad intentions to come into your home in your absence, you can installΒ anti-burglary blinds to protect them.

Open the Ceiling in the Dining Room and the Bathroom

The more sunlight that will enter your house during the day, the happier your family will feel. There is a reason why they sell energy lamps in cities where there is a lack of sunlight. People need natural light to protect against depression. But there is another type of light that will change the mood in a room: Moonlight. When you open the ceiling with a skylight, you offer yourself the possibility to enjoy romantic moments, as you dine with the one you love or enjoy a warm bath in the middle of winter, while looking at the stars.

Change All the Windows for New Energy Efficient Models

There is another important advantage that you will get by changing your windows, and it is one that your wallet will really appreciate. New aluminium windows are treated for better thermal protection, which saves money on your energy bill. At a moment when the price of energy is rising without end, this simple gesture could save you hundreds, every month, from the moment that you install them. Naturally, it will also help you live better, as you won’t suffer from the cold, throughout the winter months.

Don’t leave One Room in the Dark

All rooms of the house need to benefit from sunlight. When you approach a house and you see that it is filled with windows all over it, you immediately think β€œhow wonderful it must be to live there.” That is partly due to culture, as we have adopted this new architectural style, but it is also based on a simple reality: We feel better in an environment that is filled with sunrays. And so, make sure that everyone in your home benefits from them, by enlarging the windows in every room.


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