What You Need To Know About The Trend Smart Furniture

A bed is just a bed, right? Not exactly. Within the concept of smart furniture, this relationship is not that obvious. Previously, furniture was manufactured for a single and exclusive function. The bed was the place to sleep, the table was the space for meals and a bench was for sitting. 

However, with the current houses and apartments losing more and more space, the need arose to adapt all the furniture, transforming it into versatile, practical, and multipurpose pieces. Thus were born the first smart furniture in history. It may seem like little, but the appearance of these furniture marks the new lifestyle of modern man and, consequently, the way he lives and occupies his own house.

What is smart furniture?

Smart furniture is designed to serve small spaces, although it is also used in large spaces without any problem. The fact is that these pieces of furniture emerged to meet new demands in society: small houses and apartments. In this way, intelligent furniture, also known as multifunctional furniture, ensures better use of space, without sacrificing comfort, let alone the decorative project.

Where before there was only one bed, today you can see a piece of furniture made for sleeping, but which also has the function of a closet, for example. In other words, smart furniture optimizes spaces that were unused until recently.

All of this ensures that modern homes are more practical, functional, and comfortable, as you eliminate the need to have a lot of different furniture. In many cases, a single piece of furniture can house the function of up to three or four different pieces of furniture.

Smart, all-in-one furniture ideas for small spaces

Smart furniture for the bedroom

Retractable bed

The retractable bed can be “stowed” during the day in an alcove and opened at night for sleeping. It is very suitable for small apartments, where the bedroom also works as a living room. Another advantage of these beds is that they usually have a workbench or table for home office added to the structure and that is in evidence when the bed is closed.

Bed chest

The trunk bed is one of the most popular types of smart furniture around. It serves to store a multitude of things.

Some models even have drawers and niches.

Headboard with support

Why have a simple and useless headboard if it can be used to support small objects? This type of furniture does not require, for example, the use of bedside tables.

Wardrobe with built-in desk

Wardrobe space can also be better utilized with the use of a built-in desk.

Multifunctional shoe rack

Shoe racks need not only be used for storing shoes. Nowadays some very versatile models even work as a dressing table on the top.

Bunk bed with desk and closet

The children’s room usually has a very small area, but it is possible to overcome the lack of space by betting on the use of a bunk bed with a desk underneath and cabinets on the sides. A single wall solves the entire room.

Smart furniture for the living room

Retractable sofa

The retractable sofa is another old acquaintance in the world of smart furniture. While in use, it remains open. When no one else is seated, it can be closed and thus free up space in the room.

Sofa with niches and drawers

Another type of sofa that has been successful is the model with niches and drawers. Much like beds with niches, this type of sofa can solve your problem of lack of space to organize certain objects, such as books, magazines, and decorative objects.

This type of sofa is still handy when delimiting the spaces between the integrated environments.

Multipurpose bookcase

The multipurpose bookcase is also a great choice for small spaces. This type of furniture serves to support the TV, decorative and functional objects of everyday life, but it still has the function of dividing environments, which can be used on both sides.

Coffee table with drawers

Why not transform your coffee table space into something more functional and practical? Nowadays, it is possible to find options for this type of furniture with niches and drawers, expanding the house’s storage capacity.

Smart furniture for the bathroom

Multipurpose closet

Bathrooms are another very limited space in the house these days. Therefore, it is extremely important to value multipurpose cabinets that ensure the best use of space. In this sense, cabinets that are installed below the tub countertop are the best option.


Remember the mirror? They promise to return with everything to the decorative universe. That’s because they add functionality, practicality, and beauty in a single piece. This small piece of furniture has a mirror at the front and a built-in compartment at the back, activated by a small door (which is the mirror itself). There, you can store a little of everything: toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, assorted hygiene items, and even the basic makeup of everyday life.


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