What is Rectified Porcelain And How You Can Implement In Your Home

You know that beautiful floor, with impeccable finish and that doesn’t even look like a grout? His name is rectified porcelain tile. And if you want to know more about this material, keep following this post with us. We brought a complete guide to answer all your questions, come and see.

What is rectified porcelain tile?

Rectified porcelain tiles are different from other types of flooring, including common porcelain tiles, also known as bold, only in one small but significant detail: the edges.

While conventional floors have rounded edges, which end up resulting in pieces of irregular sizes, rectified porcelain tiles have straight, regular edges and precisely cut by diamond discs.

This process of finishing the rectified porcelain tiles guarantees regular, uniform, and impeccable finishing.

Types of rectified porcelain tiles


The polished or shiny rectified porcelain tile, as it is also called, has a smooth surface and a shiny texture.

This type of floor has the characteristic of being very slippery and, for this reason, it is recommended to use it only in dry and indoor places, such as living and dining rooms, bedrooms and corridors.

The polished rectified porcelain tile is perfect for those looking for an elegant, sophisticated, and high-standard design.


The natural rectified porcelain tile, also known as satin, has a matte surface and high resistance.

The main feature of this floor is the non-slip action, that is, it is not very slippery and, therefore, it is indicated for damp and wet places, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and service areas, although it is also used in outdoor areas.

Natural rectified porcelain tiles are the right choice for environments with a more rustic and modern footprint, but they do not give up a top-quality finish.


Is it possible to have a rectified porcelain floor in external areas of the house, such as balconies, terraces, and gardens? Yes, it is possible. But for this, the tip is to opt for the external rectified porcelain floor.

This type of floor has a much rougher texture than the others and, therefore, offers safety against slips and falls.

The external rectified porcelain tiles can also be used in swimming pool borders, garages, and in places with a large flow of people, such as sidewalks, for example.

Check out these 10 projects that bet on the use of rectified porcelain tiles:












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