What Is 3D Plasterboard And Its Benefits For Home Decor

No paint, no texture. The trend at the moment is 3D plasterboard. They guarantee a differentiated beauty for the environments, adding movement and volume to the decoration. And if you intend to dive into this idea too, stay here in this post with us. We’ll tell you all about 3D plasterboard and even inspire you with amazing ideas, check it out!

What is 3D Plasterboard?

As the name suggests, 3D plasterboard is made of plaster from pre-made molds. These boards can be purchased ready-made or made by yourself from these molds. With the boards in hand, just glue them to the wall as you would any other coating.

Another unique feature of 3D plasterboards is the reliefs in different formats. These reliefs are responsible for creating the sensation of volume, depth, and movement in the decoration.

The most used formats in these plates are geometric, with square, hexagonal, straight lines, circles, and triangles. It is also common to find 3D plasterboard with organic shapes that simulate waves, leaves, and flowers.

Plasterboards can also vary in color. White is the standard and natural color of the pieces, but nothing prevents them from gaining varied colors from the application of paint directly on the plates. That’s right! Plasterboards can be painted in any color you like, but only after they are already attached to the wall.

Advantages of 3D Plasterboard

For any environment

3D plasterboard is welcome in virtually every room in the house, except for bathrooms and outdoor areas, as plaster is a material that does not do well with water and moisture.

In bedrooms, for example, the 3D plasterboard looks beautiful covering the headboard wall, while in the living room, the board can be used to highlight the TV wall. In dining rooms, in turn, plasterboard enhances the wall of the dining table. The halls of the house also get a new look with the signs, as well as the entrance hall. The kitchen may have plasterboards on the walls opposite the sink and stove. The toilet is another room in the house that is enhanced with 3D plasterboards.

Despite being widely used on walls, 3D plaster can also be used on the ceiling. Yes! Plasterboards create a very beautiful effect on the ceiling of rooms, especially in bedrooms and living rooms. However, it is noteworthy that despite being welcome in any space in the house, 3D plaster should be used sparingly so as not to visually overload the environment. Therefore, prefer to apply the pieces only on the most prominent wall or, if applicable, only on the ceiling.

Variety of models

3D plasterboard can be found in a wide variety of different models, ranging from geometric to organic and more elaborate shapes. That is, regardless of your taste or style, there will be no shortage of 3D plasterboard options for your project. For a modern decoration, prefer geometric plates or with free and abstract organic shapes. For more classic decorations, the plates with ornate shapes fit well.

Easy and quick application

In addition to paying cheaper, this type of coating still has the advantage of not breaking, breaking, or dirt during installation. Another advantage is the speed with which the boards are installed, as it is enough to apply glue to the pieces and fix them to the wall.

And if you want, you can venture into the installation on your own, further reducing the total cost.

Maintenance and care of 3D plasterboard

To maintain your lindane 3D plaster wall, it is important to take some care when cleaning. See the tips:

  • Clean gypsum boards weekly to prevent dust accumulation. Cleaning can be done with a mop or a vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not use water to clean the plates. Plaster is sensitive to moisture.
  • In the case of dirt that is more difficult to remove, such as grease stains, use a solution of neutral detergent slightly moistened with a soft sponge and apply only to the area to be cleaned. Then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

See how easy it is to have drywall at home? Now check out the following 3D plasterboard ideas and get inspired to make yours.











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