What Colors Will This Fall 2021 Wear In Decoration?

We have consulted the oracle of decoration to find out which colors will triumph this season in homes. Blues, neutrals, earth tones that ooze warmth… There is something for everyone! 

The color trends of this year 2021 are closely related to concepts such as optimism, hope, and tranquility. In autumn, the warm tones will invade the interior design of the homes, but we will also see blues that transmit calm, greens brimming with life, very soft pinks ideal for creating sweet environments, and even very sophisticated touches of mustard. The ones that never fail? Indeed, the neutral tones.


Classic where they are, beige is part of the neutral range, but thanks to its warm undertone it is ideal for fall décor. This season, it will become the perfect canvas on which to compose the rest of the elements. As you will see below, there are many shades that you can combine with beige, and that, thanks to its presence, will stand out even more.


The inspiration for this earthy color is the bark of the Sassafras tree, and we find it ideal for autumn due to its warmth and its relationship with nature. In bedrooms, it looks great in the company of other warm tones such as toasts and mustards, and it also pairs perfectly with grays, polka dots, and whites.


Although it will not be the color that we will see the most, mustard will also have its moment of glory this fall. After all, it is a very warm tone that will find its best ally in velvet. Elegant and chic!


The intensity of the Rhodonite blue is very useful to give depth to the rooms and to play with the volumes. The trick to making it work? Contrast it with white to gain light and make the blue stand out. On the other hand, wood will help you add balance and a point of warmth.


The Adobe orange that Pantone offers us for this fall has a touch of brown, so it is very warm and full of life in the rooms. You can do as in this dining room and take it home using textiles such as this beautiful linen tablecloth to eat in the company of your loved ones.


When we speak of land, we refer to the entire chromatic range that it encompasses. Like the mole, the earth’s color puts us in contact with Mother Nature, relaxes us, and gives us the warmth we need during this time when the sun is barely visible. Do not hesitate, it is infallible.


Intrinsically related to nature and this mythological being typical of Irish folklore, Leprechaun green is a color that conveys joy and good energy. Therefore, if you notice that depression is knocking on your door this fall, do not hesitate to decorate your home with this tone.


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