What are the decoration trends for Christmas 2022?

Do you find there is a sore lack of good news at this time? Unfortunately, we can’t disagree too much with you… That’s why we’ve decided that it’s more important than ever to consider the Christmas holidays in 2022 as an auspicious time to come together, be together and enjoy the moment! With just a few weeks to go before the frenetic celebrations begin, it seems necessary to skip the long lists of gifts, shopping and stress that this time of year brings and focus on what really matters: the comforting prospect of creating a bubble of comfort, yes comfort, to make Christmas celebrations auspicious.

The happiness of being together in a living environment that suits our desires … sometimes subject to the decorative trends of the moment. Christmas 2022 can hardly avoid our favourite topic: deciphering the zeitgeist. Because Christmas decorations are a way like any other to convey a shared state of mind. Strangely resembling those of 2021, 2022 Christmas decoration trends certainly reflect the state of a world caught between the need for imagination at all costs to silence the surrounding doldrums, if only for a few days, and the need for more ecological ones Torn between responsibility and poetry is reinforced by an apparent simplicity. Contradictory tendencies, yet sharing a desire to capitalize on that enchanted bracket that outlines the prospect of the Christmas holiday.

A 2022 Christmas in white for a magical atmosphere

White Christmas table, snowy Christmas tree, large white luminous star, white gift box … This shade with magical accents is available in every detail. Any explanation for this deep and almost sudden crush on this ethereal shade? More than ever, many of us want (need?) to reconnect with the magic and authenticity of the holiday season. The presence of white reinforces this feeling of returning to childhood, to its fairy tales, always lulled by snowy landscapes, this naive and sometimes necessary purity in these last weeks of the end of the year. Distributed in the four corners of the living room for Christmas, this palette of white accompanied by very soft beige comes to comfort this transition from one year to another.

The essential LED light garlands and Christmas candles

What would the end-of-year celebrations be without their traditional armada of candles, candlesticks, candlesticks and light garlands? Answer: half parties! And yes, this anthology of small accent lights, increasingly available in all shapes and materials, have become essentials that reinforce the desired atmosphere on the festive table as well as in the heart of the living room. This year again, they risk playing the essential stars and replacing the electric garlands and other lanterns to be plugged in. Vintage candlesticks, state-of-the-art Christmas candles and LED light garlands suspended in the tree or placed in vases or demijohns for more originality have more than ever an obvious role to play. A candlelit Christmas dinner when electricity prices soar is an ideal solution for decorating and paying attention to your extra bill. Ditto rather than investing at all costs in outdoor decorations for Christmas in order to impress, Christmas 2022 will be the opportunity to prefer candles and LED light garlands placed on the window sills and entrance steps. 

A traditional Christmas in red and green with English accents

The traditional followers of Christmas in red and green have not withdrawn in this year 2022. Rest assured, in the category of timeless to ensure authentic festivities, the classic and deep green and red duo continues to make its show, and this from the tree to the festive table. However, there is a small nuance to add: the duo borrows more than ever the charismatic and comforting depth of English decor. A Christmas 2022 in red and green yes, but with more distinguished than kitsch manners. So British par excellence, these naturally wintry nuances invite themselves through the presence of Scottish prints and velvet, interfering as much with the decoration specific to the holidays as that inherent in the comfort of the living room. The key accessories of the winter season such as plaids, cushions and candles also have the mission of reinforcing the cosy atmosphere of Christmas. 

The 2022 Christmas holidays are more eco-responsible than ever

For Christmas 2022, if a sense of celebration is required, a sense of eco-responsibility is strongly recommended. For several years now, Christmas decorations have also asserted their eco-friendliness by dexterously displaying a desire for authenticity and a desire to consume better. Paper napkins, paper plates, wrapping paper and other ephemeral accessories are disappearing from tables and party decorations in favour of more durable and carefully selected accessories.

Swap your Christmas tree for a fireplace nook with a few sprigs of holly or an elegant bouquet of eucalyptus accompanied by a few baubles. On the table side, use old vases or bottles to attach candles to create sublime homemade candle holders. Forget stemware and plastic dishes, steal your beloved grandmother’s dishes, or take the opportunity to give yourself that Christmas gift by adopting ceramic plates or wicker placemats that you can reuse for dinner. other great occasions. Avoid mountains of wrapping paper by practising the art of furoshiki, this Japanese technique that uses unused fabric to wrap Christmas presents. In summary: Think of eco-tips for a Christmas that is as green as it is economical!


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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