Ways To Use A Bench In Your Decor

Low, narrow, practical, the bench easily turns away from its primary purpose to play chameleons and invest the whole house. To shop in stores (there is something for all styles) or to hunt around, it will be easy to find the perfect bench. Both in terms of look and dimensions to best suit your interior.

But once found, how to use it? Here are seven 100% decorative ways to twist it.

In the entrance

Basic you will tell me, but oh so practical! In the entrance, often long and not very wide, it is simply perfect. Especially since it allows you to sit down to put on or take off your shoes. Not to mention that you can also leave some things there such as a bag, bicycle helmet & co.

In the same way, as in the entrance, it is highly recommended to enhance a hallway with it! Practical, it dresses up the space without taking up too much space.

As a living room table

For small spaces, the bench can easily be turned into a living room table. It is also the ideal alternative if your room is long. Framed by a long sofa and surmounting a pretty rectangular rug, the bench will dress up the space without weighing it down!

And if it turns out to be higher than your sofa, no problem, you will be able to eat on it more easily.

Behind a sofa

Long, thin, and low, the bench is perfect for leaning against a sofa. Not only does it allow you to occupy an often space, but in addition it allows you to dress it up by placing books, objects, baskets, a lamp, and why not green plants.

In TV cabinet

We stay in the living room and this time we divert the bench into a TV cabinet. As the television is nowadays often fixed to the wall, a simple bench is enough to put the box, a possible console as well as baskets to slide in the remote controls.

You can also place a small lamp there. Decorative effect guaranteed! Less heavy than a classic TV cabinet and often more aesthetic, it has it all.

As storage and/or decoration space

Exit the shelf fixed to the wall. It is not always easy to break through these (especially in rental). Especially since to create a Zen atmosphere, low elements are preferred.

In short, like a low shelf, against a wall, can serve as a support for its decoration. We put a lamp, accessories as well as large photos or paintings. And in addition, it gives an impression of greater height under the ceiling!

Around the table

Classic, but essential, the bench (re) invites all around the table.

In the kitchen or dining room, it is practical by offering multiple seating and adapts perfectly to all surfaces. For small spaces, it slides easily under the table to leave enough room to move around. For adults, it welcomes tribes like never before.

In tune with the times, practical and user-friendly. It’s all good!


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