Wall Hook – Tips & How to Use in Decoration

Everyone should have a wall hook at home. They are practical, versatile, save space and are still a hand in hand when it comes to organization. Not to mention you can still use the wall hook to hang anything you can imagine, from keys to bikes.

Therefore, today’s post is all devoted to this simple but precious tool of home organization. In the next few lines you will better understand why you have a wall hook, tips on how to insert it into the decor, and amazing images to get inspired. Come on?

4 Reasons You Surrender When Using the Wall Hook

Perfect for small spaces

The wall hanger is the best choice for small environments, praising traditional floor hangers or hangers. When hooked to the wall, the hook takes up no space, not to mention that while not in use it goes virtually unnoticed, except in those cases where the hook also has decorative function. 

Variety of models and materials

Few everyday accessories can be as versatile as the wall hook. For sure there will be one that fits your home perfectly and, if it doesn’t exist, know that you can create one yourself (we’ll talk about it in the next topic). But the fact is that the wall hooks do not stop surprising. There are round, triangular, square, retro styled wall hooks, childish, modern, romantic and those super creative made of very unusual materials.

Now, if you are unsure which model to choose, bet on the wooden wall hook. This is a classic that never goes out of style and suits any decor and ambiance.

Anywhere in the house

The wall hook can be used in every room of the house, but it is important that you always keep them in strategic places to facilitate organization. For example, in the lobby it is nice to have a wall hook right next to the door to put keys, documents and other small objects.

In the bedroom, the wall hook can be placed close to the wardrobe to facilitate the exchange of pieces and not to leave them scattered on the floor. Still in the bedroom, the wall hook can be used to organize scarves, trinkets, belts and bags. In the bathroom, the wall hook looks great next to the sink to accommodate towels. Already inside the box, the hook can be used to hang the bushing or the bath lair.

Another good place to have a wall gain is in the kids room. The children’s wall hook organizes that mess like no one else and when placed at the right time, it still guarantees the autonomy of the little ones. Use it to hang your school bag, toy basket, umbrella and other everyday items.

Easy to install

Wall hooks are super practical to install. And that means you don’t even have to drill the wall. That’s right!You can choose to use wall hooks with adhesive or snap system, so the wall does not need to be drilled and you save time. This type of fixture is ideal for renters and can’t hang things on the walls.

However, only be careful with the type of object that will be hung, as the sticker or suction cups may not be able to support the weight. Another option for hook fixing is of course from the good old drill. For this, have drill and screws in hand.

How to use the wall hanger in decoration

In addition to being practical and functional, wall hooks have also gained remarkable aesthetic importance, meaning it is not uncommon to see hooks stand out in the decoration. So if your intention is to turn the wall hanger into a decorative piece, it is worth remembering that the style of the hook should relate harmoniously to the rest of the decor of the room.

Some hook models, such as wood, are wild and fit perfectly in different decorative styles. The concrete ones are very welcome in modern and industrially influenced decorations. Metal wall hooks follow the same line as concrete wall hooks, but also blend well into classic and elegant designs.

Already those full of creativity are the right bet for stripped and cheerful decorations. And in children’s rooms the tip is to make the wall hook as playful as possible. Pets, stars, trees, and flowers are great choices for children’s hooks.

Here are 9 different wall hook ideas, from the most traditional to the most creative!











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