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We have already seen that this style of oriental origin bases its charm on the imperfection of the organic and therefore embraces the passage of time, thus claiming a balanced home full of personality. Now we look at specific details to be able to take an example from them and thus constitute wabi-sabi corners in our home.

And it is that this decorative style has come stomping and ready to conquer us, among his followers, Robert de Niro himself, who has opted for a wabi-sabi decoration in the hotel he owns, the Greenwich, in New York.

In the room, white is the boss 

A wabi-sabi room is a haven of peace: it allows the viewer to rest and above all, it avoids the cluttered effect. I mean: it’s not your room from when you were 15 years old, filled to the last millimeter with posters of Leonardo DiCaprio. Here we opt at most for some detail executed with chalk paint, if you want even made by yourself, or play with old suitcases, as in the image. And above all, defend white, especially in bedding

Take advantage of the wall in the pantry 

Basically, this image has stolen our hearts, which takes us to a rural house, where time has imprinted its personality. Playing with the gaps that a wall can leave, and even opening them ourselves, if possible, is paying homage to old homes, in which the coldest recesses were used to store food, a trick that, with measure, is you can take advantage of the present to save energy. In a pantry we will also win by using wicker baskets and baskets, a material intrinsically linked to craftsmanship and that gains charm as it is used.

 The doors, made of wood 

Personality, natural reminiscences, trace of the passage of time, robustness, elegance … We could spend an entire working day listing the benefits of betting on wood when we have already chosen to dress our walls in white because, yes, it is also a very Wabi touch. I knew. This image is worth a thousand words, literally, to express everything we want to say. And if you slide it to access the bathroom, the better.

Fireplaces are also wabi-sabi

In another article, he commented on how essential this decorative and utilitarian element is in the rustic home. In the case of wabi-sabi, a good example is repeated. Besides, the warmth of the fire helps to create an interesting contrast with the neutral tone of the walls, as we can see in the image. 

The Greenwich Hotel also dresses in wabi-sabi

The interior designer Axel Vervoordt and the Japanese architect Tatsuo Miki have made the wishes of the partners of the Hotel Greenwich, Ira Drukier and Robert De Niro – of which we spoke before – come true in an attic of the building that is part of their offer. In the image, we show a detail of this dreamy corner in the Tribecca neighborhood, New York, which in turn is a compendium of what we have expressed throughout this article: almost bare walls, wood charm, geometric imperfection, an impression of the passage of time… A feast to behold.

Try leaving the walls bare

We have already commented previously that the walls in the wabi-sabi code tend towards white but if we choose to go a little further in the consecration of this style, we can also try to leave some wall exposed, because here showing the seams is a virtue, not a flaw. We also like the bathtub a lot, but perhaps it is a little less practical.


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